Relax and Recharge!

Athletes, weekend warriors, and all who are over busy and over stressed . . .

A massage from Sozo Massage Works is a great way to relax your body, refresh your soul and recharge your spirit!

  • We use an intuitive and eclectic blend of Swedish Massage (light effleurage strokes), Deep Tissue Masssage (deeper muscle work), and Sports Massage (stretching, manipulation of joints, and range of motion body work).
  • We also provide Seated Chair Massage in a variety of settings: gyms, sporting events, the work place, corporate events and retreats, church events, retreats and parties.
  • Aroma Therapy and Healing Touch Therapy are also offered for those dealing with emotional pain and grief to provide relief through healing prayer, anointing oils, and the affirmation of touch. This soft touch therapy addresses physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • Other services provided include Hot Stone Massage, Bamboo Massage and specialized Spa Treatments, such as Salt Glow, Mud and Seaweed Wraps, and Ear Candling.

All of these techniques aim toward one goal: to relieve stress and pain and improve your overall physical, spiritual and emotional health. For some it may be injury prevention for those involved in sports and fitness or rehabilitation due to injury. For others it may be to relieve stress and emotional pain.

Sozo Massage Works partners with other wellness and fitness practitioners for all your physical, mental and spiritual health needs.